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Welcome To Rose Dessiccated Coconut

Rose desiccated coconut is quality product from Amritha Coconut Products intended for the most demanding customers . Its makers have a single minded commitment to make the best and quality desiccated coconut with the unmistakable aroma and goodness of tropical land's coconuts. As Kerala is transforming into a mammoth metropolis with all characteristics of a big city its dwellers are constantly changing into fast pace life. For this life this unique product. Rose desiccated coconut is a real blessing.

Rose desiccated coconut is garnered from the world renowned coconut groves of Malabar coast. These coconuts are rich in oil and other nutritional value. The dehydrated from of coconut powder, this products, reaches you after a stringent quality test and process of international standard. Encapsulates the mild and sweet flavour of coconut, it ensures more shelf life and freshness, thanks to the most modern consumer packing in laminated duplex carton with aluminium foil. Rose desiccated coconut is ideal for restaurants, bakeries, hostels and catering units